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Not all locks are equal but neither are facilities, residences, doors nor needs. Hence, even though we are currently in an era where the Internet and cloud services are emerging, you might be fine with a mechanical deadlock installation. The safest option is to make informed decisions. The following are some of the latest trends in the lock industry.

Bluetooth-Enabled Door Locks

The smart lock market is rapidly flourishing and it’s been some time since it almost became the norm. With technology that’s quickly developing, Bluetooth-enabled locks are not really new however they still remain dominant in the market. These type of locks are handled with your smartphone. They work with applications that enable you to tap unlock or lock. Also, you can add permanent and temporary users for specific dates or hours. But, you have to be within a precise range if you want to activate your lock unless you have a Wi-Fi connection that will enable you to manage and control your door locks anywhere you want.

 It is undeniable that the Wi-Fi locks are the greatest of all since they offer you the ability to remotely lock the doors. Moreover, it has smart lock features such as alert notifications for forced entries, voice activation, auto lock systems and more.

Connected Homes, Connected Locks

The traditional notion of connected homes is real now. There are all types of systems, which will connect appliances, lights, and other electronics in your home. Connected locks follow. Having that type of system, your door will be unlocked once it detects smoke and the lights will turn on once you unlock the door. 

We will eventually have access solutions through the cloud while most people keep on utilizing ordinary locks with ordinary keys. In fact, smart locks begin to gain some popularity while locksmiths are attempting to be updated with the latest trends. Hence, there’s a moderate demand and high supply. 

What Should We Consider When It Comes To Door Locks?

At the end of the day, what we all want is door locks that will make us feel secure and safe. To put it differently, we want locks that will lock the burglar out even though you end up with a broken lock. Thus, locks that have been tested against hammering, drilling, picking, and prying are the perfect locks for you. Who would mind a damaged lock if it gas denied the access of the intruder? It is always best to contact a professional locksmith for lock replacement instead of finding a burglar emptying your house. Will it create a difference if this is a mechanical or a digital lock? Here’s a tip: the electric locks are usually better compared to the mechanical ones. However, never neglect the fact that even though we cannot prevent the future, what we can do is to embrace and apply the latest trends for our personal needs. This way, the safety within your place will be guaranteed and on point.